Student Services

Our services to you:

Free Student Career Counselling

What course should I be doing, and which place would be best for me?  

Our team at EduQualify will be guiding you through the maze of questions and assisting you in finding solutions best suited to your profile and/or constraints ensuring you to choose the best career pathway.

Course Selection

We offer personal guidance to help choose courses that perfectly fit your career or personal goals and interests.

Study Institute Selection

EduQualify also aids in selecting an educational institution that would best suit your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Constraints, non-commercially and not limited to the Universities they represent

Admission Procedures and Formalities

Special care is taken for enrolment of applicants and form filling procedures, highlighting the areas essential for formalities, for an error free application. 

Visa Formalities and Pre-departure

This includes applications, financial statements, interviews & everything else! We at EduQualify assist with foreign exchange formalities, pre-departure briefing and training for settling into your new host country.

Airport pickup service

If a student requires airport pickup service and has not arranged to be picked up alternatively, we do provide this service, ensuring post arrival problems are well taken care of and reassuring your parents or guardians that you are well settled at your university.


EduQualify offers various student welfare services ensuring a quality student life. 

If you ever come across any difficulty before or during your study, be assured as we are always there to assist and provide you with the best possible solution.

Students prefer to stay as close to the campus as possible to reduce the time taken in commuting to the University. You may choose to share an apartment or a room with other students or alternatively, to rent a room from a local family. Students are expected to pay at-least one-month advance rent and one month deposit. 

It is essential to have the accommodation provisionally booked; however, we ensure that our incoming students have temporary accommodation until they get settled into their permanent residence.

Work Placements

We are developing a world-class, networked placement service for our students through EduQualify. For those looking for a hassle-free process of enrolling in Universities within the U.K., be assured and rest your case with us. We aim to be the guiding force in providing complete information to the best of your satisfaction to help you reach for the top in your career through excellence in education.

Other Services

Once you have arrived in the UK, we guide you through for registering yourself with the doctor and to open a bank account.