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Turkey, which serves as the link between Europe and the Middle East, is a vast nation with significant political and cultural influences. Turkey is regarded as a very good place to study because there are numerous universities there and a wide variety of degrees to select from.

Although Istanbul is the country’s largest and most significant city, the capital is Ankara. Istanbul, which is in the west of the nation, is cut through in the middle by the Bosphorus river, which separates Europe from Asia. Both in Europe and the Middle East, Turkey has long held a significant position. Even now, the culture, traditions, and even the language of Turkey continue to reflect this.

Turkey’s higher education system underwent a complete reorganisation in 1981. In a very short period of time, it rapidly modernised and expanded. Turkey has more than 200 schools as of right now.

All higher education is overseen by the TYYC (Turkish National Framework for Higher Education). The TYYC also monitors student workloads in Turkey to make sure that they work hard and learn but aren’t overworked.


Turkish culture includes drinking strong coffee and fresh leaf tea on a daily basis. It’s common practise to take a brief break from your day to refuel. But don’t anticipate a quiet pit stop. Turkey is a vibrant country, and this can be seen in its friendly, open attitude and great reputation for hospitality. Whenever you are in Turkey, someone will be curious about you and your country of origin.

Turkey’s architectural and natural beauties, however, are genuinely unique. Turkey is filled with breath-taking sights, from the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia to the Cappadocian cave homes. Turkish is the official language of Turkey. Turkish, the most extensively used Turkic language in the world, has a rich sound and the unique quality of vowel harmony.

Turkey is also growing in popularity as a destination for higher education because of its reduced cost of living and manageable visa requirements. Universities all around Turkey, particularly in Istanbul, are becoming more and more popular for studying abroad for semesters or even entire degrees. Turkey is a popular travel destination for both students and tourists since it is rich in history, culture, and architectural wonders.

reasons to study in turkey:


Despite Turkey having lower living expenses than the majority of American or European nations, the quality of education is very excellent.

Ideal Location

Turkey is considered as the “Bridge to the World” or “Where East meets West”. Turkey is in a prime location since it is where Europe and the Middle East meet. As a result, it has a wide variety of worldviews, cultures, and services.

Quality of Education

Turkey’s educational standards are high since it has a large number of universities with excellent academic programmes and reasonable tuition rates.


English is a major language used in the instruction of courses at several Turkish universities. Additionally, English is a widely spoken language in most cities.